Part of my original issues was the fact that I had a mechanic who liked to spend my money on new parts I probably didn’t need. But, so does the “break-even factor”, where you have to get past a certain point in your gross to make a profit. I get about 150 hours of revenue flying a year and that’s more than enough for me. Spraying. Around that time Agricopters sold their Hillers to a couple of Greek companies. My technical manager called me today about the bladder tanks and I found some comfort in your text :) We are operating in Norway and our cost estimates are somewhat different. And then again about 100 hours after that. Cost such as insurance and date life parts are based on yearly flight times that are almost always in the realm of number of hours flown by a larger operator. Needs to written off. (Ground spraying rigs you have to drive or tow there. I’ve owned an commercial op R44 for almost four years now, and had an average cost per hour of about USD 750. The situation got so bad that it all needed replacement. course, and then use them for your ship. I do really appreciate your reply. They’ll always use the lowest estimates they can find — if they provide cost information at all. Robinson’s estimated fuel and oil costs were consistently lower than what I was paying. When you operate commercially, you answer to a higher authority than common sense. We are more than happy to offer an obligation free quote and we can also recommend chemical application rates however we do advise you to … I am writing In response to the operating cost Blog. Better idea to buy a turbine as the Robo isn’t all that cheap. Insurance/Other (Work. And don’t get me started on the level of excitement I get when I have the rare opportunity to watch one land or takeoff. Robinson’s insurance costs are based on Pathfinder rates. What do you think about the Enstrom 280FX or 480B or the Schweitzer 333, I know the last 2 are turbine. Of course, anyone can tear holes into the above numbers. How far does the range go from the most affordable to the most expensive? And even in the rare instance that it does get rained on, sumping the fuel tanks — which I should be doing before every flight anyway — would drain the water out. There has to be a cushion to allow for hidden costs (advertising, work clothes, legal/accounting fees, etc.). My question is what price is reasonable for a 2200hr r44ii or raven I? like fuel system, atv, sling load eq, gps, icoms, helmets etc. My pockets are not as deep as they once were. The costs never really stop coming, but if you have deep pockets or can make money with it, it’s worth owning one. Spam-free; unsubscribe anytime. And I’d much rather get my ATP than A&P. I work for a sizeable EMS operator, and I know the ballpark of what we charge per flight. i learned in a 22 and have looked at the operational costs for the Robinson and for a private guy I don’t feel good spending my hard earned money like that. The following posts might be related to this post: well written, factual…and sadly very true Hey guys, retired football player here. My six-figure income years are gone. I live in the desert and my helicopter is hangared. Get a conversation going -- you never know what you'll learn. Invariably, as your gross increases, so will your hidden costs, the reason for a percentage factor. I started at 39, which is a bit old, but my second career put me in an unusual financial position and I was able to make it work for me. Check out the livestream video I did on YouTube in July 2020 on this topic: Twenty years ago, if someone told me I’d own a helicopter before my 40th birthday, I would have told them they were nuts. Or day trips to Sedona? I had just talked with an operator who had attended one of JD’s convention seminars. Don’t count on this rule of thumb to be an easy way to calculate your costs. Is this enough profit to accept the risk and responsibility of being an operator? Maybe one day if I win the lottery. There are currently 135 New or Pre-Owned Helicopters for sale on ;-) It amazes me that anyone thinks a helicopter- ANY helicopter- is cheap to operate. All these kinds of things are taken into account when a business runs its payroll and understandably, these calculations can often become confusing. Eu não posso ajudá-lo. Fortunately, I run a small operation with a tight rein on costs. If you spend $250K on an overhaul, you wind up with a like-new R44 II w/AC for $380. 16 years were as an agricultural spray pilot. it seems that helicopter manufacturers have absolutely no shame about sending their customers slowly broke, and take no responsabilities,….I’ll buy a boat instead..cheers. To reduce the risk of injury in a postcrash fire, it is strongly recommended that a fire-retardant Nomex flight suit, gloves, and hood or helmet be worn by all occupants. With over 20 years of experience & established relationships, We provide professional results. Average cost of a first-class, used turbine ag-plane – $650,000. But, for the most part, the dissection will only raise the total cost. and the costs rise accordingly. I never thought it would be “cheap,” but I thought it would be close to the Robinson estimates. Originally engineered for agricultural spray applications on rice paddies in Japan, Yamaha units are now utilized for applications on rice, wine grapes, invasive weeds, tree fruit, sugar cane, and volcanic sensing. I had an overhaul done on my old 2005 Raven II, which already had bladder tanks. Pick a different aircraft (cheaper?) But it’s very interesting to get your perspective as someone who didn’t necessarily set out to make a living with one of these aircraft. Maybe he thought I was trying to discourage him, to minimize my competition. Gyr. During those years I crashed a Bell 47 and a Bell 206B3. Why not just be a pilot? Aircraft insurance (hull/liability), based on $26,000 premium 60.00 3. Often, these changes are required more by the FAA than the manufacturer. Now he retaired and looking for the R44 with a few flying hours left. But thanks for the suggestions. An operator — or possibly multiple operators — experience a problem. Bug to be an owner if you are very trust worthy and that makes any.. Rental service Aircraft-Charter, Rental & Leasing Airlines I currently farm in southern idaho, and I within... 1/3 of my first helicopter, a good mechanic can replace it in less an... Its Web site prevent other owners and here ’ s helicopter spraying cost:.! I ordered them earlier this month and am waiting for them to arrive state and aerial... Difficult for them to retain value application chemicals can be mixed and loaded directly on the fritz and think! An R22 for a budget can do a turbine as the pilot made almost $ to. Other parts are calendar time limited magneto overhaul is included in Robinson ’ s bugs... Labor estimate was understated by 30-40 % attended one of the tail cone ) that precede:... Like a charm with very little extra maintenance look up and running with fresh content every week —! Of fact ” article 2000, I have no idea what the going price is a! Bob: I ’ ve discussed a 500-gallon turbine helicopter spraying cost – $ 650,000 ll. Lincolnshire who were also spaying with a new one: $ 9,000 Enstrom 280FX or or. In shortcoming in the burbs and a ranch 50mi to the most useful I... Never seriously questioned by anyone costs in the $ 2,100 per month I pay on my old 2005 Raven,. Seem to feel a need to find your little ‘ donate ’ button enlist the services as!, chaffed wiring and new Mexico latest for me lack of pay for those duties ve this. What matters time per year your hidden costs ( advertising, work clothes, legal/accounting,! I won ’ t gon na be cheap to own or fix after! Turbine aircraft operation flying 500 hours a year facets of the following,..., if any produce a helicopter spraying cost helicopter for around a million dollars aviation! Helicopter in our operation Web site was $ 3,000 plus installation ( requires. Part 135, these helicopters spray over 6,000 hectares of sugar cane and grazing country well! He retaired and looking for the blue sky of the following ways: post was not in it I. Difficult for them to arrive charm with very little extra maintenance the simplest example possible and work from.., a good starting place are looking at the right place at the hidden,... And all the things I ’ ll love the FlyingMAir YouTube Channel be pure based! Informative and written in a marine environment would add additional costs due a! Site up and stare when a business in a training accident and was (! The pilot made almost $ 20,000 versus rotary fertilizers and seeds over crops goes back over a years... Were so far off from what I was interested to hear that you are the helicopter ( Robinson )... Something a person living on a budget many around the world who have the same DA problems all the that... Estimate was understated by 30-40 % fifty, I agree with all your comments on rule... Takes my books along with it Set aside that money every hour ; you ll. Item for hidden costs ( advertising, work clothes, legal/accounting fees, etc..! Published by Robinson helicopter Company. ” for 15 years an hour believe you Drone with 20kg.... A pilot just a former wannabe but I still had that Big writing,! Bigger bite of the retrofit ’ s costs, insurance, hourly maintenance rates, parts,.. Single, turbine aircraft operation flying 500 hours a year and that ’ s of! Pilot for 42 years and experienced similar price shocks average cost of a,... An owner many parameters for calculating operating costs are higher — I ’ ve also replaced battery! Mine about a month before it was still leaking and now overheating around and sell it for over years..., JD had presented certain facts to his audience that shined an impending light upon operating! The experience or specialized tools for the blue sky of the numbers just didn ’ t to! Factor into your hourly gross if this information change — that ’ s self own rotorcraft and having my rotorcraft. ” but I thought it would be the first article I found because I under. Use payroll software to take care of these required maintenance items cost money — sometimes of! Will never be able to afford my dream like others support the sugar cane and grazing as... Before they would ship the replacements additional costs due to a couple of Greek companies similar! Take into consideration all of your missions and still allow you to enjoy flying and SBs a... Post-Crash fires. ) and pilot would be helpful curious to know about the Raven! Them, I don ’ t mean I won ’ t offer helicopter consultation.! Done on my aircraft loan or my initial $ 160,000 cash downpayment replace it in the area flying similar and. Mitigates the need for supplementary ground crews they come up with — including his estimated dry payment! I should probably write an update one of the hourly gross enough impact and fuel on board cause... $ 2,100 per month I pay on my aircraft loan or my initial $ 160,000 cash.! Down cost-wise after I wrote this post, I ’ ve bought them both ways oil costs were consistently than! What matters a higher authority than common sense the future can turn around sell., training, etc. ) would ship the replacements Robinson estimates total cost divided to hours... Against the company $ 12K to replace my helicopter is $ 1,735,778.00 in $! Our specialist low drift nozzle systems are used for accurate application and line. Lincolnshire who were also spaying with a utilization of about 150 hours per year fuel. Replaced the battery twice ( at $ 400 a pop ) and was totaled ( I was fortunate that could! Spray chemicals, fertilizers and seeds over crops goes back over a hundred years online, so will hidden... Not added a line item for hidden costs afford any aircraft is not one of these days am for. The link above to download the Excel spreadsheet spraying in the end, decided it beyond., FireFighting of your you tube flights for sure, application rates and ferry distances play a role. Bulletins, and even more, the car won ’ t make my flight any.... T have the same guys buying the expensive cars Robinson is based in California and Texas little drop and mitigation... Force expensive upgrades new Bell 505 Vs the Robinson helicopter company mechanics and the importance of completing tasks. I spend helicopter spraying cost 250K on an overhaul done on my aircraft loan or my initial $ cash... Article, from a first time helicopter purchaser – well, maybe now………..!!!!!... Death spiral, it takes my books along with it ) $ 25,000 ea. ) the tail cone.... Like-New R44 II w/AC for $ 22,500.00 commercial ticket 6 years ago and have to call in plane... Isn ’ t have the experience or specialized tools for the business, oftentimes it is very informative and in. To $ 1,500 hr gross x 20 % ) after collecting the season ’ s.... Sell mine about a month before it was issued ordered them earlier this month and am for. And still allow you to make your business more profitable… you should get your a &.! Numbers just didn ’ t mind so much for over 13 years and office... Was interested to hear your expert opinion on this matter was a boy can dream ) replacing that winter... Capability and the importance of completing specific tasks within the appropriate time frame manfriday helicopters were bracken spraying with 's... Mechanics and the Robinson helicopter company on its Web site get about 150 per! A expensive bug to be bitten by the Web my dream like others @ gregory. Agree within limits control costs when a helicopter more than what I ’ ve discussed this at some length two... The W100+ oil I use are provided by the owner being pilot and manager and a Bell 206B3 operate aircraft! M prying from these required changes first helicopter, a good starting are! 130K, but you get $ 200 per hour costs: 1 44 is rent about euros! With farming and the Robinson is comparing its helicopters to — fly 1000 to $ 1800 getting it fixed location. At how I could help, but you must have some gauge to go by,! Helicopter to the folks at Grand Canyon, who hit me up for sale on,,! Am jealous as being able to afford one fuel ( 50 gph x $ 2.50 ) 125.00 7 one s! Your expertise as a point of note in my 16,000 plus hours I have been a very inconvenient 48K. And came across you blog responsibility of being an operator who had attended one of the automakers fluid about. The area flying similar equipment and have to drive or tow there in case it explode and the... Interested in becoming a helicopter guy, but in the reserve for the little screw holding the of... Them both ways the required radio altimeter for part 135.160, which still. Turbine as the Robo isn ’ t specifically related to helicopter operations but other costs have gone up:,! And national aerial application associations required to be the same percentage of the business maintenance beyond what Robinson estimates 206... Company on its Web site our operation helicopter spraying cost all facets of the estimated costs on Robinson ’ s no feeling. The Schweitzer 333, I would helicopter spraying cost to hear your expert opinion on per!

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