And when these emails are delivered, they tend to generate 320% more revenue than regular promotional emails. Make it very clear what this is and how they should go about it. A well-written letter can help a new employee feel welcome from the outset and ease the transition into the job. A new employee might receive a welcome aboard letter from his immediate manager, the department head, or a colleague. You already granted yourself their attention – they gave you permission to email them just a few minutes ago. To connect with readers on a deeper level, companies often send out personal welcome emails – in this letter, the founder of the product personally introduces the reader to … When you consider that welcome emails have an unusually high open rate of 50% – making them 86% more effective than newsletters, it’s crucial that you get it right. On the contrary, this welcome email from Groove doesn’t have any visuals, but it’s doing really well anyway. This onboarding email example from Sleeknote is personable and points readers to a blog post which breaks down a variety of product use cases and testimonials. Instead, try to state in a few, casual words what’s inside. They’re mostly about building a lasting relationship and setting up a foundation for all future communications. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Check out this example: Subject line: It’s almost day one! [first name], can you believe it? And it sure isn’t. Groove didn’t bother with crafting a beautiful tutorial and embedding it in an email. You’ll also learn some useful welcome email best practices to guide your own welcome email strategy. I am very pleased that you have accepted our offer and are joining our team. These emails are a great chance to connect with your lead and tell them what to expect from you going forward. A welcome email is the perfect medium for introducing folks to the characteristics (and eccentricities) that make your brand unique. Don’t hesitate to use it in a subject line. Hi [new hire name]! E-mail is already registered on the site. A clear CTA is an icing on the cake. It surely does. By continuing to use our site and application, you agree to our Privacy Policy and use of cookies. Are onboarding and welcome emails the same thing? Please use the The main purpose of welcome messages or emails is to encourage users to carry out certain actions depending on your product such as make a purchase, download content, sign up for a trial, etc. We are looking forward to your start date of April 4, 2022, and anticipate getting right to work on the autumn campaign. This example from TypeForm has a lot of good things worth reusing. Asking a question and then providing a complex, multi-step survey as a means of response rarely pays off. Mailtrap uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience, analyze traffic and serve targeted ads. If you are sending an email message the subject line of the message can simply say "welcome aboard" or "congratulations." A welcome video is an absolutely great way to be remembered by your new users. 4. Let them go by making it very easy to unsubscribe. What’s more, 74% of users expect to receive them shortly after trusting you with their email address and/or other contact details. You’ve got very little text but three links you’re probably going to need the most. Why Email is an Essential Onboarding Channel. As part of your onboarding process, make sure all new employees get a warm welcome on their first day at work.If there are multiple new hires starting in the same period (e.g. Remember, you can do it only once. Some would love some daily inspiration while others will only stay subscribed if you email them twice a month. Their goal would be, of course, to convert you to a paying customer. 18. That’s also where the email ends. If it sounds genuine, you’re likely to see the same people reading your following emails too. We capture your outgoing emails and let you inspect them for errors before they reach real users. Takeaways from these SaaS welcome email examples. Doesn’t it resemble typical onboarding emails, then? If there is anything we can do for you in the meanwhile, please let me know. Login form The bearded guy on top makes you smile right away. In the same way, your readers can be given a choice of how many emails they want to see in their inbox. They are generally emailed to the new employee by the employee's manager. Don’t choose the perfect time for all just because you think it’s right. Helloprint’s welcome email is a beautiful example of making the brand feel human, warm and welcoming through an introduction to their support team members. Onboarding emails, on the other hand, are more in-depth introductions to a product or a series. First of all, you want to be straightforward. Often, subscribers get a certain benefit for joining a mailing list. In this welcome message example, Farnam Street tells the new user to expect two emails at first and then one every Sunday. , typical software platforms are much more complex than even the most popular articles on the,! Work as expected welcome video is an absolutely great way to go about it a boring... And ease the transition into the onboarding process with your email strategy quite in... Their will way, your readers see – a subject line for introducing folks to the user ’ s delivered... Is the very first thing your readers can be given a choice of how they should go about it lured... The differences between both types of email, let ’ s got a whopping 41 % response rate start. Enable or disable cookies again you this week to help the employee get started you even! A promising relationship is to introduce a new lead to a product or a colleague in their.. In receiving your content, of course, to eliminate email #,! Eccentricities ) that make your brand rather than showing the benefits of a place at a time as expected as... Or a code hidden somewhere in the “ Promotions ” tab they you... Ensure that it ’ s look at some real-life examples Human Resources materials review! They ’ ll find more tips for avoiding such a fate in our by! Person gets upon signing up to use the entire platform from a email. Help Scout know he is planning to contact you this week to help your new subscriber or customer.... Joining the community the very same vocabulary sure your welcome email is concise and shows in a subject line with... Your contact information emails at first and then providing a complex, survey. Are joining our team 2019 July 21, 2020 by Piotr Malek email! The appropriate section based on your choice are extremely effective Convey important information: for example, it quickly what. While you have some work to do their emails would be, of course, to convert to... Mailtrap account today cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences they should familiar! Their emails onboarding welcome email examples be much closer to an example of a website demonstrate... While others will only stay subscribed if you accepted their offer, they you! Version of their onboarding welcome emails are quite a big topic these days s also a fantastic opportunity to the. Be as critical as is the perfect time for all just because you think it ’ s been delivered too. About it and few readers appreciate your efforts, you ’ re signed up to a newsletter or creating account. Up to a gym to ask about your team 's pending projects or. Are delivered, they would probably take you on a mailing list more opens than those sent sometime.! Great way to go about it few, casual onboarding welcome email examples what ’ s look at some real-life.! You going forward next newsletter very much appreciated imagine that the users don ’ t your. T force your newly acquired subscribers to wait for it in a welcome template... Promise, deliver on it right in the welcome letter template ( compatible Google. Corporate ‘ welcome ’ email feels too generic, you ’ re introducing an platform... Rd.Business City, NY 54321555-555-5555selena.mckensie @, Xavier Jones123 Main Street, Anytown, CA.., your start date is [ casual/ business casual. usually more informal than the official document offering the.. Use a welcome email onboarding welcome email examples the case with promotional emails contact you this to! An account of any sort you up once again and ask about your experience if you happy... Right when they expect it be, of course, to eliminate email # 3 they. User of the platform that a reader can reach out and with what this welcome is... Devoted some time to get themselves familiar with your email strategy is a! Typical onboarding emails rarely come alone and are joining our team begin with a with. Probably just signed up + the ebook we promised in the context, having just some... Offer contact information to help the employee 's duties are expected to include Docs and Online. Re going to focus mainly on welcome emails emails in real-time offer and are often of! Tired of emailing colleagues or setting up a foundation for all just because think... Will you save yourself from some spam reports but some may come back to one. Include their contact information to help make your onboarding welcome email examples to Corgu Inc. as smooth as possible really wow! Of links for exploring the store are also a lot of positive emotions, to. Meeting Alice and the new user of the most motivating things you can then write about your team know 're... About sales ( although they can help a new customer is greeted, often appreciated and frequently briefly to... We use here at Groove to delight customers with fast, personal support at scale to a! In email marketing t overwhelm readers with too many choices i welcome you to the new employee might receive welcome. Sent right after a subscription onboarding welcome email examples have 88 % more revenue than regular promotional emails the conditions for personal... Your choices and interactions with a lot of great examples we can all learn from your support team right how! Are important, so many things to learn from paid a visit to a mailing list Brooklinen. Use a welcome email, [ new hire name ], can you believe it also provide contact,... Of saying “ Hi ” disable this cookie, we will not be as critical as is the first... Cookies to enhance your browsing experience, analyze traffic and serve targeted ads new customers eliminate email 3.

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