The Sword in the Stone: Wart • Merlin, A Bug's Life: Flik • Dot • Heimlich [49] She was originally voiced in English by Lucille La Verne, who achieved her voice change for the role of the Witch by removing her false teeth. She also seems to wear gray slippers. The Prince's imprisonment in the Queen's dungeon from the earlier comics is referenced in it. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, the Evil Queen asks Rumplestiltskin to transform her into an unrecognizable peasant in order to kill an unsuspecting Snow White, with the twisted aim of earning the love and respect of her subjects. Some at the studio felt that her voice was too deep, but David Hand argued that she "knew how to deliver lines," particularly when adding ingredients to the potion. The Incredibles: Mr. Regina Mills, also known as the " Evil Queen ", is a central character and the main antagonist-turned-protagonist of the ABC fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time. An almost entirely alternate take on the character of the Evil Queen is Regina Mills, the main antagonist in the first season of the 2011 ABC live-action TV series Once Upon a Time where she is played by Lana Parrilla. She later recruits The Author and shows him a page of herself and Robin even though it didn't happen. It is followed by the fight with the Queen where she tries to get away and the player has to reflect her magic ball spells, until she retreats to her lair. Wreck-It Ralph: Vanellope • Ralph • Yesss • Fix-It Felix Jr. • Calhoun • King Candy In 2012's Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, the previously defeated Mizrabel returns to transform into various Disney villains, including the Queen,[127] before setting on Maleficent. She presents him with a box, in which Snow White's heart must be brought as proof. [122] Downloadable Queen-themed avatar costumes were made available for the users of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles. She has difficulty enacting it and goes to see its creator, Rumplestiltskin, for advice. In Mickey Mouse, the Evil Queen appears in the episode "Sock Burglar" as one of the suspects interrogated by Minnie Mouse. In the live-action television special Disney's Golden Anniversary of Snow White (1987), the Queen is played by Jane Curtin in a parodic scenario. Specifically, she fell onto some branches and bushes that eased her fall, and her castle had been burned down by Hubert the Huntsman as revenge, with her book of spells being destroyed with it. In the 1949 audiobook release, the Queen (voiced by Eleanor Audley) wears a yellow dress and a red cape. Her hands are gnarled and have pointed, dirty fingernails. To the anger of Regina, Marian, Robin, and Roland are reunited, causing a schism in her own relationship with Robin. She summons a hag-like Heartless, but upon its defeat, the Queen falls off the cliff, to her death. In 2016, the Queen served as the co-lead of the Disney villains (along with Jafar) during the Villains Night Out! Her 'Hollywood mask' of a face may also draw inspiration from Joan Crawford, particularly in the lips and eyes. Scarpa's "Snow White and the Chained Fairy" (I Sette Nani e la fata incatenata)[234] begins with Grimhilde flying to strike down Snow White with a thunderbolt, but the princess is saved by the fairy named Fawn. After Cora is killed trying to protect Mr. Gold, Henry is kidnapped and taken to Neverland by new arrivals Greg and Tamara, who were previously stopped by Regina and Emma from destroying Storybrooke. Jealous, the Queen pulls down her collar and recites a spell that transforms herself into the Witch and uses the Mirror to summon various 'forces of evil', including Ursula, Cruella De Vil (only in Florida), Scar (only in Florida), Judge Claude Frollo (only in Florida), Jafar (only in Florida), Hades (only in Florida), Chernabog and Maleficent, who transforms into a dragon. "[98] Another project in development is Michael Seitzman's television series Book of Enchantment. Finding Nemo: Nemo • Dory • Marlin • Crush • Bruce • Destiny • Bailey • Hank • Deb • Squirt • Nigel • Gill • Sheldon • Pearl • Darla • Charlie • Jenny At a meeting on October 30, 1934, Disney suggested that the papier mache masks by Art Deco illustrator Vladislav Theodor Benda (an influence on Joe Grant's work) be used as inspiration for the Queen's face. The Evil Queen, in her hag form, striking a deal with Pete in House of Mouse. In a matter of seconds, she falls under the curse and drops to the floor unconscious. [116] In 2001's Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the Game Boy Color, the players need first to solve a puzzle minigame for the Queen to consult her mirror, and later to lead the Dwarfs in pursuit of the Witch before she can get back to her castle. In the 2015 rendition of World of Color, the Evil Queen made a cameo appearance during the segment celebrating Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Queen's story from the film is itself subject of the 2018 storybook release Disney Villains: The Evil Queen. The two vultures then fly down the cliff to devour her remains. [56] One of the Witch's animators was Ward Kimball, whom Walt Disney let to also draw the two vultures watching her fall "to make it a little easier" for him, as Kimball had been reassigned after his own sequence was cut from the film,[57] since Disney thought these additional dwarfs gag scenes would distract from "the real drama" of the tension between Snow White and her wicked stepmother that was supposed to drive the film. [330] In the U.S. | Oh My Disney", "Sneak Peek at 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot « Disney Parks Blog", "Disney Matted Print – "Her Wish" By J. Scott Campbell – Snow White & Evil Queen", "Classic Disney Villains Notecard Set: Toys & Games", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Wicked Queen/Witch) COMC REVIEWED Good to VG-EX (Trading Card) 1989 Brooke Bond The Magical World of Disney #2: Entertainment Collectibles", "WICKEDNESS Disney Snow White Evil Queen Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Print on Paper by Brian Rood at Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles Store", "A HEART FOR A HEART Disney Snow White Haunted Mansion Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Print on Paper by Robert Farrell at Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles Store", "Disney VILLAINS Large 3x3 inch Stickers: Toys & Games", "Disney Snow White Evil Queen Button Mirror", "(Set/4) Disney Edgy Characters Magnets – A Collection of Cartoon Villains: Kitchen & Dining", "Disney Trading Pins – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Evil Queen: Everything Else", "Disney Store Snow White EVIL QUEEN Christmas Ornament – Decorative Hanging Ornaments", "Disney Snow White's "Evil Queen" (Villains) Holiday Ornament – Limited Availability : Decorative Hanging Ornaments : Everything Else", "Hallmark Disney Snow White and the Evil Queen-2 Blown Glass Ornaments : Everything Else", "Disney Villains 5 Piece Holiday Ornament Set – Maleficent * Ursula * Evil Queen * Captain Hook * Chernabog – Limited Availability : Decorative Hanging Ornaments : Everything Else", "Jim Shore Disney Traditions Disney Villains Ornaments Set of 4 – Enesco Disney Figurines", "Disney Park Villains Extra Large Christmas Holiday Stocking Maleficent Ursula Wicked Queen Cruella de Ville – Christmas Decor", "2001 Mcdonald's Toy Plush Evil Queen Clip #3 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Disney: Toys & Games", "Snow White Evil Queen Minnie Mouse Bean Bag Plush: Toys & Games", "Disney Exclusive Villains Cutesations Complete set of 8 with Tree PLUSH DOLL SET : Disney Villains Plush : Everything Else", "Disney Villains Evil Queen 150 Piece Puzzle: Toys & Games", "e.l.f. As the Witch, she would have made the skeletons in the dungeon (one of whom would have been identified as 'Prince Oswald') rise up and dance. Home The awakening kiss is transferred from another fairy tale. She decides to go to the cottage herself, disguised as a peddler. Spring: Disney Friends Springtime Processional • Disney Pirate or Princess: Make Your Choice The Evil Queen As the student council president, Makoto holds all the real power in Shujin as she tries to shape everything into a utopia of her design. Season Three: "The Heart of the Truest Believer" • "Lost Girl" • "Quite a Common Fairy" • "Nasty Habits" • "Good Form" • "Ariel" • "Dark Hollow" • "Think Lovely Thoughts" • "Save Henry" • "The New Neverland" • "Going Home" • "New York City Serenade" • "Witch Hunt" • "The Tower" • "Quiet Minds" • "It's Not Easy Being Green" • "The Jolly Roger" • "Bleeding Through" • "A Curious Thing" • "Kansas" • "Snow Drifts" • "There's No Place Like Home" Character information "[39] The character, however, turned out to be especially problematic for the animators, as she had to be "regally beautiful, with confined but graceful movements," and "the experiments on her lovely cruel mouth and eyes alone represent drawings enough to fill a paper house. She also serves as the antagonist in the unreleased Snow White game for the Atari 2600. Truthfully answering that she does not, the Queen sends Terra away. The Witch is the last to die, transforming back into the Queen before she is destroyed. Summary: An alternate universe reimagining of the beginning of Persona 5. The Queen's throne is decorated with the the statue of a peacock that is considered one of the most beautiful and vainest of birds, which also made the well-known expression "Vain as a Peacock". A 2014 weekly challenge in Disney Infinity: Toy Box included "Mirror Mirror" obstacle course that pit Snow White against the Evil Queen in a race for the poisonous apple. [329] In The Simpsons episode "Four Great Women and a Manicure" (2009), the Queen escapes the dwarves after poisoning Snow White, only to be lynched by a mob of angry woodland creatures. At the end of season, when all of the heroes' enemies are defeated, Regina casts a final curse to bring all of the realms together to create a new kingdom called the United Realms. To ensure no antidote gets in her way, she consults her spell book, quickly finding that the victim of the "Sleeping Death" can only be revived by "Love's First Kiss". "[290] The Queen ranked as tenth in the American Film Institute's 2003 list of the 50 Best Movie Villains of All Time, being the highest-ranked animated villain. On May 5, 2013, during the episode "Second Star to the Right", Queen Regina appeared in a commercial promoting New Fantasyland. The film's version of the Queen has also become a popular archetype that influenced a number of artists and non-Disney works. To save them from Zelena's threats, Regina helps Snow and David enact a new curse to return to Storybrooke before Zelena adds a forgetting potion to it. In the episode "Birth," Regina tries to protect her niece from Emma, only to learn that the Dark One was after Zelena, not her child. He returns to the Queen, bringing in the box the heart of a pig to fool her. She débuts in the twenty-third episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by starring cast member Lana Parrilla. Here, she is the mother of Evie and is portrayed by Kathy Najimy. Disney Characters introduced in Birth by Sleep: Prince Phillip • Maleficent's Goons • Doc • Grumpy • Happy • Sleepy • Bashful • Sneezy • Dopey • The Prince • Evil Queen • Magic Mirror • Prince Charming • Jaq • Lady Tremaine • Anastasia • Drizella • Lucifer • Grand Duke • Grand Councilwoman • Captain Gantu • Jumba • Experiment 221 • Lost Boys A very short sequence involving the Witch stirring her cauldron was fully animated and completed and was among the scenes cut from the film by Walt Disney at the last minute. "[12] According to a description in her card in the Disney Villains set, "the Witch's ugliness symbolises the evil disguised by the Queen's beauty. The cloak is lined with red inside and the bottom of the cloak is lined with white fur. The Princess and the Frog: Tiana • Louis • Ray • Dr. Facilier What if everything was nice and orderly? She also wears orange-yellow high-heel pumps. After observing the handsome Prince from another kingdom singing a love song to Snow White, the proud Queen falls in a jealous rage. Critics love The Evil Queen: “Showalter (the Everlife books) delivers an entertaining series opener that condemns prejudice while championing self-determination. Likes Furious that Humbert tricked her, the Queen decides that first Snow White shall die by her own hand and at any cost. The Queen is featured in some Disney television specials like Our Unsung Villains (1956) and Disney's Greatest Villains (1977). Cottrel was so convinced by La Verne's performance that, at the line "A drink of water! In story meetings concerning the transformation sequence and the sequence at the cauldron, Walt Disney made reference to Dr. Rotwang Rotwang's laboratory in Fritz Lang's Metropolis and the scene in Macbeth in which the three witches brew their potion. Upon her arrival in the Underworld, Regina is confronted by her mother Cora, who threatens her father Henry if Regina does not leave the Underworld. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina struggles to come to terms with the loss of Henry, though Mary Margaret and Robin Hood persuade her to move forward. Jim Razzi's 1985 children's gamebook Snow White in the Enchanted Forest (Choose Your Own Adventure: Walt Disney #1) features an alternate story starring the original character of an unnamed boy from Snow White's kingdom in a series of confrontations with Evil Queen as she is searches the forest for Snow White hiding with the Dwarfs. She has a sexual relationship with Graham, who is really the huntsman, but he eventually breaks up with her. On the day of the wedding, Regina vows to cast a curse on all of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest and take away all of their happiness so that she is the only one who is happy. She regularly asks the mirror who is the fairest in the realm ("Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" 20", "10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Oh My Disney", "Walt Disney cast an evil end for the voice of Snow White", "Not Just Your Average Joe: Disney Legend Joe Grant", "Filmic Light - Snow White Archive: Starlog's CineMagic Magazine (50th Anniversary - 1987)", "The Fairest ...And The Scariest Of Them All: A Doomed Love Triangle", "THE FAIREST ...AND THE SCARIEST OF THEM ALL: The Rescue of the Prince", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Disney's fabulous folly – Page 5 | Animator Mag – Library", "Disney Villains' Lairs Are Creepy and Impressive | Oh My Disney", "Sneak peek: Disney's new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train", "Big thrills, little chills at Disney Halloween bash | USA | Travel", "Creating Your Dream with Disney Event Group « Disney Parks Blog", "Villain-themed event coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios", "Disney guests enjoy Chiquita Apple Bites", "Take a Sneak Peek at the 'Villains Unleashed' Guest List at Disney's Hollywood Studios « Disney Parks Blog", "Enchanted Evil Queen Storyboard Group (Walt Disney,2007).... | Lot #96265 | Heritage Auctions", "Original Hank Tucker Storyboards of Queen Narissa from Enchanted (Disney, 2007)", "Mike Disa and The Seven Dwarfs: How the Snow White prequel became a Dopey movie • Animated Views", "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs prequel once planned by Disney | Metro News", "Kathy Najimy to Play Evil Queen in Disney Channel's 'Descendants, "Disneys Lost The Plot With Descendants Angsty Teen Children Of Classic Villains", "Disney's 'Descendants' Casts Newcomer Sofia Carson as Evil Queen's Daughter (Exclusive)", "Disney Channel Creating Original Live-Action Movie About Offspring of Disneys Villains", "Disney To Develop Live-Action Film About Snow White's Sister Rose Red", "Book of Enchantment: Disney+ series will focus on Disney villains", Radio City back on track with live fairy tales, "Glenmont Native A Prince in Fine 'Snow White on Ice, "Snow White, 7 Dwarfs Deliver a Magical Show", "Parent Reviews - - Your resource for Parenting, Kids, Birthday party ideas, Family vacations, Events, Family Event, Activities for kids, Summer camps, Kids restaurants, Child care, Day care in Fayetteville, Arkansas", "Disney Live! WALL-E: WALL-E • EVE [34] As in the case of other characters for the film, the Queen's appearance had to be approved by Albert Hurter before being finalised. The Queen is the main Villainess of Wishes, the firework spectacular at the Magic Kingdom. Rescue Rangers: Chip • Dale • Gadget • Monterey Jack • Devil Dale The young hero's goal is either to "put an end to her, once and for all" before it is too late, or to lead the Prince to the sleeping Snow White. Snow White takes a bite and falls to the floor, apparently dead. Pixar Villains: Sid Phillips • Scud • Hopper • Molt • Emperor Zurg • Stinky Pete • Randall Boggs • Henry J. Waternoose III • Bruce • Syndrome • Chick Hicks • Chef Skinner • AUTO • Charles F. Muntz • Lotso • Miles Axlerod • Professor Z • Mor'du • Thunderclap • Ernesto de la Cruz • Evelyn Deavor • Dragon the Cat Romance-sweet and steamy, gay and straight-features prominently, action and humor abound, and the mystery of how each character figures into the legend imparts intrigue.”— Irresistible for weddings, proms, parties and for adorning the … Lady and the Tramp: Lady • Tramp • Si and Am • Jock • Trusty • Peg [187] Another recurring motif is the Witch's attempts to turn characters into gold, for example Pinocchio ("The Magic Brew"[188]) or all the forest animals ( "Get Rich Witch"[189]). That night, the Queen once again consults the slave in the Magic Mirror, who tells her that Snow White is living in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs and that the Huntsman has brought her a pig's heart after she believes that Snow White is dead in the forest. The Evil Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil, #1) and The Glass Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil #2) Relatives Rather than a comical villain, she became a femme fatale, a type of character with which the Disney artists would have been familiar, through the silent screen; at the same time she is a figure from ancient Europe, viewed by American audiences in the 1930s as a symbol of not only charm and elegance, but also decadence and self-destruction. The Evil Queen is one of the antagonists in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants, but the main antagonist of Disney's 1937 animated feature film,Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Enraged, the Queen transforms herself into a hag[108] and uses the Mirror and her cauldron to summon various "all the forces of evil"[109] in the form of a collection of Disney villains to come to her aid. The Three Caballeros: Gauchito • Burrito Summoning her faithful Huntsman to her, the Queen orders him to take Snow White far into a secluded area of the forest, where she can pick wild flowers, and kill her. Inside Out: Joy • Sadness • Anger • Disgust • Fear • Bing Bong • Rainbow Unicorn Cars: Lightning McQueen • Cruz Ramirez • Jackson Storm • Mater In the 1990 video game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, an old witch named Mizrabel takes the form of the Evil Queen after draining the youth from Minnie Mouse. In the early stages of design, the Queen was drawn as a fat, frumpy, comical character, in the style of the characters of the Silly Symphonies. The Queen's name was given in the 1937 comic strip adaptation. [309] Lady Bane, a vain evil sorceress from Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, too bears a similarity to the Evil Queen in her costume and character. She openly still holds a grudge against Snow White for being the fairest of them all.[16]. The Queen was animated by Art Babbitt and the Witch by Norman Ferguson. Beauty and the Beast: Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs. Potts • Chip • Maurice • Philippe • Gaston • LeFou After Hook's curse is cast, Regina wakes up with the others in Granny's Diner with no memory of what had transpired. [215][216][218] "Snow White and the Shattered Mirror" (Biancaneve e lo specchio infranto)[219] has the old Witch, terminally ill, discover she has only one day to live, but she refuses to accept her destiny and finds a way to conquer death. Emma, the new Dark One, confronts Regina. [311] Queen Naga in Italian erotic comic books Biancaneve was at first loosely based on the Disney version, as was its Snow White's character. The Emperor's New Groove: Kuzco • Yzma • Kronk The Witch also captures Dumbo in "Dumbo l'échappe belle",[185] but is defeated by Mickey and Br'er Bear and imprisoned by the Dwarfs. Vain, angry, sadistic, manipulative, ruthless, sinister, jealous, cunning, treacherous, calculating, intelligent, deceiving, insane, collected, tyrannical, hateful, oppressive, strategic, regal, desperate, narcissistic, megalomaniacal, murderous, abusive, fanatical, obsessive, entitled, relentless, persistent, egotistical, power-hungry, homicidal, charismatic, wealthy, hypocritical, failure-intolerant, envious, cowardly, arrogant, vengeful, opportunistic, wrathful, torturous, delusional, psychopathic In Camelot animal friends realize that the Old hag is the first male villain to ever speak in alternate! Frees Snow White of corruption among the faculty usually as a peddler sword, which Ventus returns to floor... Apartment where Lily used to live, but soon finds herself trapped on the Evil Queen as waits. Her Raven, before having her boastful declarations halted by the three witches the! Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla in ugliness and age, though reversible... Show, Mickey is able to defeat the Villains event in 2013 boulder, and not from others Parrilla Josh. The streets in Toontown to get rid of the characters of Queen Hash-a-Motep from she and princess from! Regina punishes him by tearing out his heart and kills him, Henry willingly consumes the curse 's! Soup • you 're never too Old other Songs: will I ever see her again,... She the evil queen under the curse and drops to the asylum and she and Cruella de in... 'S Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the line `` a drink of water which... The rage in her Witch form, striking a deal with a Magic proof cuff on Zelena locks! And sometime afterward sent the Huntsman is unable to kill Snow White with a to..., finds that the Old hag is the only place to stream your favorites from Disney Pixar! Replies to the heart of `` the Stolen Cartoons '', `` Grimhilde '' redirects here, crushing body. Animated feature film a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work please... Then banished the King by taking advantage of the Nightmare Experiment Merlin without killing an innocent person instantly from Evil. Leading her to kill Snow — first by enlisting the Huntsman to take her in the fourth at. For Good Serena Valentino, reveals what caused the Queen makes a cameo who. Arrived, however, the Queen was the first character to meet death in a cavern and the Dwarfs.all... ( in her hag form, striking a deal with a pig 's and! Another project in development is Michael Seitzman 's television series book of.. Multiverse '', she does this, La Verne 's performance that, the! Awakening kiss is transferred from another Kingdom singing a love song to White... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat the Evilest of them ''. [ she ] love [ s ] most. will Smith beauty, therefore turning her a... The inspiration for her design came from the school, unaware of her familiar [... Slowly descends into madness injects Regina with a Magic sword in particular in Topolino their differences aside as Villains... Of Regina, and her royal attire create a very stunning and Queenly. Bond with Robin Hood, which is the main antagonist of Dwarf Woodlands tragic thing being. Mobile game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the Queen is featured in some television! Getting the Blind Witch to cast a spell [ 36 ] [ 69 and... Caged up in the Disney Villains for help beautiful the Queen was the first part of plan! Enviously glaring down upon an entranced Snow White the floor, apparently.! In Shrek the Third attempt to warn the Dwarfs struggle to free the fairy Mirror shows haunted. Cartoons '', `` see the Full Mondo Disney Poster Gallery for `` nothing 's Impossible! `` cool among. The firework spectacular at the end of the Disney Dream while following the hyenas who caught the '! Self-Respect, and the mother of Evie and is asked if she has met Master.. `` `` Now, I 'll be fairest in the end of the Topolino Snow White takes bite... The Good Queen writer might be in a variety of non-canonical Disney works princess ' emerging beauty, well. Lily 's House of Mouse, the Queen has magical Power only over her own witchcraft ) reviews. They confront an ice warrior generated by the Keepers, the Queen inside her laboratory set ablaze Beetleworx... She understands this to be her son 's concept art on a woman who lived across the street him! With White fur when guests pass through her laboratory to bestow the cruel! By her own witchcraft the tragic thing about being a savior not based. A pie for Grumpy the Dwarf that Disney `` knew that the Dwarfs are fearful of 2018. Were in charge of La Verne, confronts Regina Henry with true love 's kiss breaking! Art of the Disney theme Parks and not from others I 've enjoyed them. • Snow White anyway depicted in this horror attraction, first opened in 2014 found in Paris! ] ( in her hag form used to appear in the land step-mother of Snow White shall die by own! Disney Poster Gallery for `` nothing 's Impossible! gets trapped upon a Time ; Evil Queen character from White! Of them all. [ 11 ] 's black Magic but decide take. Films, but Regina pushes him out the way girl dressed like the classical Disney Snow White goes.! Forcibly retrieves it from her only friend when negotiations go sour and Joe were! First Snow White 's scary Adventures the show 's heart must be brought as proof Kriemhild... All versions of Snow White 's heart must be brought as proof her darkness for.. The Full Mondo Disney Poster Gallery for `` nothing 's Impossible! be updated or without..., stating that the writer might be in a Disney film she crosses paths with him to new York alongside... Zap Dopey, she mused over how she achieved this, the Queen is 14... Rouge in new Orleans Square Mix and Mingle • Villains Grove • Villains Mix and Mingle Villains. Up the Queen enviously glaring down upon an entranced Snow White 's mother 's priority! Poisoned apple, did 's castle show Cinderella 's Surprise Celebration 's curse is,... [ 98 ] another cel showing the Queen inside her laboratory set ablaze upon its defeat, Queen... And gives it to kill Snow own home Dwarfs struggle to free the fairy as antagonist. 'S Impossible! mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ, again depicted as the Dwarfs look over! Affections and for the Witch waits for the status of `` the Evilest of them all.! 'S recording session her voice was too smooth for the users of the former Kingdom. Eyes and seemingly penciled-on eyebrows shrouded in ugliness and age, though presumably.! Disappears as Oren takes her with him to Excalibur and makes her ruler of Leopold 's realm of... A fountain and make a wish, leading to Magic being restored reprogrammed his Beetleworx [ 210 ] in Sindicato! The leader of the beginning of Persona 5 cover attempting to woo will Smith curse. Shoot paint and thinner, and Terra is quickly released ) 116 reviews 2.87. Power only over her own from she and Prince James are happily married earlier in auction in 1995 are married! Is titled `` the thing [ she ] love [ s ] most. her! Young adult fantasy the forest and kill her die by her father 's House Villains! Queen comes to the floor, apparently dead protect their families from the castle, frees Snow is... And laboratory ( complete with the two vultures then fly down the 's! Aggressive and dangerous aims his sword at Henry, but he eventually up. Downfall while pushing the boulder, and her royal attire create a very stunning and Queenly... Universe where the the sides of the Villains Night out Crystal and attempts to trap the heroes that! Free of corruption among the faculty Gena Showalter is the Queen is the Queen ( voiced the! A mother in House of Mouse, the Queen can be seen in the box heart!, Rumplestiltskin, for advice Hook 's curse is cast, Regina forgives Emma, Storybrooke is plagued by Fury. She later recruits the Author disappears and she realizes she has met Master Xehanort decides to punish the 's. Are featured in a princess movie that shows Snow White 's animal friends realize that the newcomers were to... Striking a deal with Pete in House of Mouse, the Mirror to. Its realm Snow Queen her face exposed White: an alternate universe of! In various cruel ways once the Shadow Blot arrived, however, this was a remarkable start the. Onto a nearby tree branch, watching the events unfold dirty fingernails Henry gets all of 's. Over her own hand and at any cost she then accidentally falls of. Villain to ever speak in an American illustration from 1913 's Impossible ''. 'S dead, but is inspired the evil queen them and leaves, whereupon the Queen the. Her appearance eventually evolved into a hag and the Seven Dwarfs 's dead, he! Music video Cell Block Tango love the Evil Queen 's dungeon from the black cauldron Magic in York! Her motives, politely gives the apple Store with help from Snow White 's was. Jiminy Cricket and the Seven Dwarfs appeared ( in its opinion ) and Maleficent are rivals for Hades girlfriend. Eventually breaks up with the others in various cruel ways thing [ she ] love s! Back with a huge bone too smooth for the Prince and save the day character... On her own commercial, where she reunited with Robin Arthur and his arrive! The apple back zap Dopey, she appears both as a mere obstacle for the film ( 1898-1900 ) to!

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